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A memorable trip to Riga, July 2008 

Passing the Freedom Monument

Couldn't resist an empty stage at midnight!

.....the state of it!

Musical interlude at the concert in the Anglikanu Church

Crowds gathered for the International song and dance concert at Dome Square, Riga

On the way to the Irish Embassy on Thursday

Heaven is..........?!!

Table football was a great hit!

May be a few feathered friends hidden there, Maria!

Catching up

Latvian Festival of Song & Dance

Sound check onstage at Dome Square.

2000 Latvian singing on stage at the Song Festival!

Flora head wreaths made and presented by our female Latvian friends

Anglikanu Church overlooking the Daugava river where we sang in concert


IMG_3371.jpg (184416 bytes)

Tony & Eileen enjoy the local fare!

Tom & Cynthia looking fetching in their floral headgear

With our host choir from Riga

Relaxation time .... much later!

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