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A memorable trip to Roma, October 2007 

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Missing the sea in Clew Bay!

Missing the sea in Clew Bay


Pat Costello lookin after us well!

Pat Costello played a stormer -
Bravissimo, Pat


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Still on the lookout for tenors -
Brian with a captive French audience
"Encore 'Mon Coeur', lads"!


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Mass was followed by a reception 
at the Irish Embassy

San Pietro in Montorio, burial place of the Irish Earls, Hugh O'Neill & Rory O'Donnell. This is the church where we sang during the Mass to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Flight of the Earls. 


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Refreshments in the gorgeous 
Roman sunshine!



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Good Chianti, anti-pasto 
and great company!


Dining at Trastavere

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